Bitcoin (BTC)

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Market Cap: $???,???

Fundamental Crypto Asset Score

  • Massive market dominance
  • Active core and third-party development
  • Most well-known cryptocurrency
  • Primary on-ramp and off-ramp to fiat currencies
  • Global ecosystem and brand awareness

While institutional interest in Bitcoin as a store of value continues to grow, other tokens are better suited for payments. Nonetheless, Bitcoin's massive market dominance makes it unlikely that it will be displaced as the undisputed crypto heavyweight champion anytime soon.
The CryptoExplorer team itself holds Bitcoin for the long term and believes that Bitcoin is one of the safer investments in the crypto space.


CE-Score (out of 100)
Feb 26, 2022

Ecosystem Structure: 9.3

Token Economics: 8.3

Market Opportunity: 9.2

Core Team: 8.1

Token Performance: 8.6

Roadmap Progress: 6.2

Underlying Technology: 8.3

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