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Frequently Asked Questions

CryptoExplorer is a Cryptocurrency Community and e-Learning platform. In the crypto space, it’s hard to keep up with the latest trends, and even harder to find them before everyone else does. That’s where CryptoExplorer Pro comes in: Our team of experts researches the best opportunities every day so you don't have to. We bring you everything from news on promising projects, trading ideas, and advice on how to leverage new trends.

If you are a crypto beginner or newcomer, the Student membership is what you need. This will give you access to the e-Learning platform with hours of video courses and easy to understand research articles. In addition, you will have access to trade-setups and market updates suited for beginners and novices.

If you want to kickstart your crypto journey, you can also subscribe to the Expert membership and get instant access to market updates, trade setups, on chain analysis, videos courses and the exclusive Discord chat room.

Since we are convinced of the quality of our platform and receive almost no refunds, we offer a refund for each month not yet started!

Yes, you can! Simply chat with our support team and let us know zs know. Please indicate which level you would like to cancel and include your email adress used during sign-up.

If you are a beginner, the Student membership is what you need. If you are a more advanced or expert user or want to kickstart your crypto journey, the Expert membership is the right one. There you get access to advanced setups including short trades and leveraged setups. Also, you will be able to get the latest On-Chain analysis and live streams about important market updates multiple times a week.

BONUS: Expert students have priority access to exclusive whitelist spots for promising NFT projects.

Make sure to check the comparison on top of this page to select the right subscription.

Of course. Payment by cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, is available at checkout. However, given the fluctuations in cryptocurrency prices, we cannot provide refunds.

This depends on the chosen subscription. In general, our watchlist for top coins will be published and updated approximately 2-4 times per week. The watchlist also includes the 'boxes' which will enable you to place trades on your own.

Besides that, there multiple market updates are posted every week which give you more confidence and information on current market conditions and trade positions.

The actual trade-setups will be published depending on the current market situation. As you may know, sometimes in crypto it is better to sit on your funds and wait for the right time to enter a trade. To prevent emotional trading, we will only publish the best and most promising trade setups. The number of trade-setups is in the range of 1-4 per week and depends on your membership level. 

Most of the time we are using Binance for executing our trade setups. You will find a detailed video tutorial on how to set up your account on our e-Learning platform. Whenever we trade a coin that isn't available on Binance, you will be provided with a guide on how to set up your trading environment on the specific platform. In addition, you can always ask the community for help.

We are publishing our chart setups including all of the 'boxes' and indicators we use every week. You will be able to import them to your account and see exactly what we have marked on our charting setups.

Of course, this mainly depends on your current financial situation. Besides that, members have reported that they made more profit from the first trade than what they paid for their membership at CryptoExplorer Pro. As always in cryptocurrency, you should only invest what you can afford to lose.

If prices have already increased that doesn’t mean you have missed your opportunity. Every trade setup includes a price range that indicates the maximum entry/exit price we recommend. If the current price has moved out of our given buy range (or sell range for shorts), you should not enter the trade and wait for the next one.

If you are unsure, simply ask in the Discord chat, our team as well as our members will help you. 

No, CryptoExplorer Pro nor CryptoExplorer is an investment fund or a registered investment advisor. CryptoExplorer Pro is solely an information and research product. It is ultimately up to you to conduct your due diligence and assess our recommendations yourself.

We cannot answer any question you send us if you disclose your specific cryptocurrency investments or trading positions to us. We are not investment advisors. If you ask us about our opinion on certain cryptocurrencies, then we may share our general opinion in a way that is not specific to your individual situation. Of course, you can ask every crypto or investment-related question in our chat on Discord.

Do you have any other questions?

Just write us on Discord or by email, we are looking forward to answering your questions.